UK’s Top 10 Best Online Bookmakers for Boxing Betting

  • Rating:5
    Bet365 provide a great choice for boxing bets, with bets available for outright wins, rounds won and total number of rounds among others. You can therefore choose whatever type of bet you fancy for an upcoming boxing match or championship
  • Rating:5
    Ladbrokes offers a range of boxing matches and events to choose from if you’re looking to place a boxing bet. All the major fights and boxers are covered, so you can find just the bet you’re after.
  • Rating:5
    When it comes to placing boxing bets, one of the most tempting options that is out there is Sky Bet. Being a top online betting company for years, Sky Bet ensures that your betting experience is wonderful. They offer a range of features, stats, tips and the latest boxing odds to help you place winning bets.
  1. Rating:4.5
    Paddy Power gives you a range of fights and bets to choose between if you’re interested in having a flutter on a boxing match. The different weights are represented, and the odds and other information presented on the site is easy to process. Signing up with Paddy Power is tempting when you look at the great deals and special offers that are up for grabs, so be sure to check these out.
  2. Rating:4.5
    Betting on boxing is easy and fast with 888 Sport. This is because there are lots of boxing events and tournaments to choose from and a range of betting options. 888 Sport is committed to ensuring player satisfaction and therefore they offer all the helpful information on their website that players will need to make wise choices. Bonuses and promotions are also offered along with live scores and great odds.
  3. Rating:4.5
    Boxing bets at William Hill online treat you to a great choice of fights and options, including outright wins and bout betting. The site is well set up to give you the best clear information to help you work out what bets you want to make.
  4. Rating:4.5
    At Betway, you can find an extensive selection of boxing events and fights for betting on. The website is easy to use and provides a wealth of information about results and stats that can be useful for placing wining bets. The best odds are available from their website together with expert boxing reviews.
  5. Rating:4
    At Titan bet, there are lots of choices to make when it comes to placing boxing bets. the site is not only well designed, but features an easy to use interface which are suitable for both beginners and advanced level bettors. The tools on the website, information, event stats and great odds ensure that players have an enjoyable experience while maximising their chances of winning.
  6. Rating:4
    Betting on boxing at Betfair gives you a great choice in terms of matches and bets. You can bet on the outcome of a match or event, or on the method of victory, with a good set of choices to choose between. The site gives a lot of helpful features to help you to both understand and choose between the different options, with interactive tools such as a demo to help you see how the site itself works.
  7. Rating:3.5
    Boxing is not only a popular sport, but it is one that is one of the most gambled on as well. Although there are many bookmakers online, Winner is one of the best because it offers value for money and an exciting betting experience to its players. It is quite easy to use their website to place bets and even easier to earn profits from your bets. They also offer the best boxing odds and this is the reason they are chosen by hundreds of thousands of players from across the globe.
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Boxing has long been a popular sport to watch in the UK and this shows little sign of changing. Many people enjoy the sport even more when they’ve placed a bet, and this is reflected in the great selection of boxing betting options that you’ll find at all of the major online bookmakers. You can get some great special offers if you look around at the different betting websites for boxing, with many of them trying to entice new customers by offering free bets, so keep an eye out for these if you’re looking around.

There have been traditionally and continue to be a range of different ways that you can bet on boxing, at match and championship level. For this reason it pays to look at the different online bookmakers sites and see which ones offer just the types of bet that you’re looking for, as well as offering good incentives to sign up with them.

Many of the main bookmakers websites are also well designed to help you take decisions when it comes to placing your boxing bets, with stats, odds and calculators for you to use and make sure you understand exactly what your bet means before taking any decisions.